The Dutch Book Fest is turning 65. And it’s still alive and kicking.

​In 2016 the Dutch Book Fest celebrated its 65th anniversary. This historical and cultural milestone is marked with a documentary series about its origin, its history and the importance of this hugely discussed and prestigious party in the Netherlands. ​

​For the past 65 years, an invite to this event goes hand in hand with literary recognition because anybody who is invited is officially a part of the honorary selection!​We followed the organizer and his team for this fest in 2015 up until the day after the anniversary party in 2016.​

2013-03-15 23:07:44 AMSTERDAM – Schrijver van het boekenweekgeschenk Kees van Kooten (L) en zijn vrouw Barbara openen het Boekenbal in de Staddschouwburg. ANP ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN

​Broadcast in the Netherlands: NPO2 (2016)